Sharon Alward


Contre Bande

In the performance/ video installation Contre Bande, each gender binds one to the other, speaking the language of the other; binding and counter-binding. Contre Bande-against the band. To band - to bind. Genet, a novelist and an admitted homosexual cites Tiresias: (who was noted for his bisexuality and his time spent as a woman as a punishment by the Gods for seeing snakes coupling)- "seven years in men's clothing, seven in women's. Because of his dual nature his femininity hounded his virility, both in play in such a way that he never had any rest, that is to say a fixed point on which to settle."

CONTRE BANDE is about the attempt to filter images through strict cultural hierarchies and reclaim the body as a spiritual container rather than as a social construct. First performed in the Dean’s Chamber of the University of Manitoba for the Institute of the Humanities. Part of the Ugly But Not Inferior trilogy perfomed at LACE in Los Angeles.

Full video available at Video Pool Media →