Sharon Alward

Performance/Installation with video

St. John the Baptist

"One may not be capable of loving, except for loving someone who loves." –Baudrillard

The performance/ installation St. John the Baptist consisted of four video monitors and a large 10 ft x10 ft mahogany archway. A small mechanical pump released ketchup through the arch and onto my head as I sat on the pedestal below. A motor rotated the pedestal 360 degrees at 1 rpm for 5 days while I sat on a black wooden stool. St. John the Baptist explores the idea of hospitality. “We never know who we are. Each of us is the destiny of the other.” According to Baudrillard, hospitality represents a reciprocal, ritualized and theatrical dimension. "Whom are we to receive and how are we to receive them.? What rules should be followed? For we exist solely to be received and to receive, not to be known and recognized".